Work sharing and birthday party,August 25th, 2023

Work sharing and birthday party,August 25th, 2023


In order to better learn about the work and life situation of our team, we Fineland team regularly hold work sharing meeting and birthday party about once a month.

Work sharing and birthday party,August 25th, 2023
Keep working, keep striving, and keep progressing! Fineland Chem team is trying our best to be more professional and provide better service!
Today we have a work and life sharing meeting and a birthday party.
Each member of our team shared their recent work and life status. This includes whether there are areas for improvement in departmental systems and communication, new changes or insights in daily life, unlocked new skills, and so on. Everyone is free to share. In addition, we shared our recently learned knowledge about pigments.
The following are the basic colors of industry use for pigments:

1. Red Pigments:
   - Pigment Red 48:2
   - Pigment Red 48:3
   - Pigment Red 49:1
   - Pigment Red 53:1
   - Pigment Red 57:1
   - Pigment Red 170
   - Pigment Red 122
   - Pigment Red 254

2. Yellow Pigments:
   - Pigment Yellow 12
   - Pigment Yellow 13
   - Pigment Yellow 14
   - Pigment Yellow 17
   - Pigment Yellow 74
   - Pigment Yellow 83

3. Blue Pigments:
   - Pigment Blue 15:0
   - Pigment Blue 15:1
   - Pigment Blue 15:3
   - Pigment Blue 15:4
   - Pigment Blue 29

4. Green Pigments:
   - Pigment Green 7

5. Orange Pigments:
   - Pigment Orange 13
   - Pigment Orange 34
   - Pigment Orange 36

6. Violet/Purple Pigments:
   - Pigment Violet 23

7. Black Pigments:
   - Carbon Black: Pigment Black 7

8. White Pigments:
   - Titanium Dioxide: Pigment White 6

These are some basic pigments, and we also have more organic pigments, each with its unique color tones and characteristics. The specific pigment selection may depend on the desired color, application requirements, and type of use. In addition, manufacturers usually achieve specific color tones by mixing different pigments according to customer preferences, with multiple options available for customer selection. 
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