The Concept and Composition-Organic Pigment-6th, September,2023

The Concept and Composition-Organic Pigment-6th, September,2023


The concept and composition of organic pigment.

The Concept and Composition-Organic Pigment-6th, September,2023

        The concept and composition of organic pigment

Good day!Today I will share knowledge about concept and  composition of organic pigment.

1.The concept of organic pigment:

Organic pigment is organic substances that are insoluble in the medium used. It's usually added to the substrate in a highly dispersed state to produce a coloring effect. It has some similarities to dyes in their chemical structure, but there are differences in how they are used.

Its fundamental difference from dyes is that dyes are soluble in the dyeing medium used, whereas pigments are neither soluble in the medium in which they are used nor in the substrate being colored.

These pigments are widely used in industry for various colorings, such as inks, paints, coatings, pulp coloring of synthetic fibers, pigment printing of fabrics, coloring of plastics, rubber and leather, etc. Among them, the largest amount of pigment is used in inks

2.The composition of organic pigment.

Organic pigment is pigment made from organic compounds and mainly used in painting, printing, dyes, plastics and other fields. 

Its main components are organic molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. The specific composition may vary depending on the type of organic pigment, but generally speaking, organic pigment is composed of the following types of compounds:

1)Aniline: Aniline organic pigment is a common type of organic pigment, and their main components are aniline derivatives. They have excellent dyeability and light stability and are widely used in oil painting, watercolor painting and other fields. Common aniline organic pigment includes azo yellow, azo red, azo orange, etc.

2)Ketones: Ketone organic pigment is a type of organic pigment based on ketones, and their main components are compounds containing ketone groups. Ketone organic pigment has high dyeability and light resistance, and often used in printing, ink and other fields. Common ketone organic pigment includes ketone blue, ketone yellow, ketone red, etc.

3)Aldehydes: Aldehyde organic pigment is a type of organic pigment based on aldehydes, and it's main components are compounds containing aldehyde groups. Aldehyde organic pigment has good dyeing properties and light stability, and often used in plastics, rubber and other fields. Common aldehyde organic pigment includes aldehyde yellow, aldehyde red, aldehyde blue, etc.

4)Other categories: In addition to the above-mentioned main categories of organic pigment, there are also various types such as keto acids, keto alcohols, keto acid esters, ethers, esters, ether alcohols, ketoamines, ketone ethers, etc. 

These different organic molecules form pigment particles through different chemical reactions, giving the pigment its unique color and chemical properties.

In summary, organic pigment is complex mixtures composed of a variety of organic compounds. Different types of organic pigments may have certain differences in chemical structure and composition. But in general, they all have excellent dyeability, stability and lightfastness, and are widely used in various field.

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