Working meeting and birthday party-25th, September, 2023

Working meeting and birthday party-25th, September, 2023


In order to improve work efficiency and standardize the division of working among members, we Fineland team regularly hold working meeting and birthday party about once a month.

Working meeting and birthday party-25th, September, 2023
Keep working, keep striving, and keep progressing! Fineland Chem team is stick to such business idea of "customer first, service first,innovation first" to provide best products to our customers from different countries!
Today we held a meeting with the theme of improving work efficiency and standardizing the division of labor among members. At the same time, a birthday party was held.

First, personnel from each department describe the general scope of their work. Then tell which colleagues we need to interact with in each aspect of our work. Finally, each will talk about the transition work that needs to be done when new colleagues come.

Besides,after each member finishes speaking, other people can supplement the upper member's speech and make suggestions. The content of this meeting is something that we faces every day. In order to improve everyone's work efficiency and clarify the division of labor, every member actively spoke and expressed his or her own thoughts.

In addition, we shared our recently learned knowledge about pigments.

And there are our hot-saling pigments:

PR2, PR8, PR48:1, PR48:2, PR48:3, PR49:1, PR53:1, PR57:1, PR112, PR254, PR146, PR170

PY12, PY13, PY14, PY17,PY191

PO13, PO34


PV3, PV23, PV27 etc.

These are some basic pigments, and we also have more organic pigments.
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