Knowledge Sharing of PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1-Organic Pigment-22th, September,2023

Knowledge Sharing of PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1-Organic Pigment-22th, September,2023


The knowledge sharing-PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1.

Knowledge Sharing of PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1-Organic Pigment-22th, September,2023

               Knowledge Sharing-PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1

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Organic pigments play an important role in our daily lives and various manufacturing processes. Whether it is the production of inks, paints, coatings, or the manufacturing of textiles, leather, plastics, and rubber products, organic pigments are inseparable from the participation.

Today I will share the knowledge of organic pigment-PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1, as follows:


Pigment Yellow 83 is a red light yellow powder, the chemical name is Pigment Yellow 83 or Pigment Yellow 83. 

It has excellent light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and migration resistance, giving a stronger red light yellow than Pigment Yellow 13 (similar to Pigment Yellow 10, but twice as strong). 

Pigment Yellow 83 can be used in various printing inks, automotive coatings (OEM), and latex paints. It is also widely used for plastic coloring. It does not migrate or bleed in soft PVC even at low concentrations. Its light fastness reaches level 8 (1/3SD) and level 7 (1/25SD), and it has high coloring strength (1/3SD) in HDPE. 

In addition, Industrial Pigment Yellow 83 can also be used for solvent-based wood coloring, artistic colors, and carbon black to create brown, as well as for fabric printing and dyeing.


Pigment Red 48:1, also known as Pigment Red 48:1 or barium lake, is a pigment that gives a bright yellow to neutral red color. 

Compared to Pigment Red 57:1, it has a distinctly yellowish glow. It has good resistance to solvents but poor resistance to soaps, acids or alkalis. 

The main areas of application for Pigment Red 48:1 include gravure printing inks and plastics. Among soft PVC, it has good migration resistance, will not bloom, and has a light resistance level of 3. In PE, its heat resistance can reach 200-240℃/5min.

In addition, it can also be used in non-high-end coatings, with good varnish resistance and light resistance grade of 5-6. It is mainly used for coloring inks, plastics, rubber, coatings and cultural and educational supplies.


Pigment Blue 15:3, also known as Phthalocyanine Blue B or Copper(II) phthalocyanine, is a common organic pigment. 

Its molecular formula is C32H16CuN8, its molecular weight is 576.07, and its appearance is dark blue powder.

 Pigment blue 15:3 has good light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and other properties, so it is widely used in the industrial field. 

It can be used to make products such as coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, cultural and educational supplies, and cosmetics. In paints and inks it imparts vivid blue tones with high tinting strength and good hiding power. In plastic products, it can be used to make blue products with excellent weather resistance and migration resistance.


Pigment Orange 13 is a chemical substance with a molecular formula of C32H24Cl2N8O2 and a molecular weight of 623.49. 

It is a disazo pigment and a benzidine series pigment, showing a bright yellow-orange color. Compared to Pigment Orange 34, its shade is slightly yellower. 

Its coloring strength is slightly higher than Pigment Orange 34, but its light resistance when used in PVC plastics only reaches level 6, and its migration resistance is level 2, so it is not recommended for use in PVC plastic coloring. 

However, in natural rubber, it has good vulcanization resistance and migration resistance, and is suitable for rubber coloring. 

In addition, it also has good resistance to detergents and water, and can be used for coloring swimming items, sponges, viscose fiber pulp, packaging inks and metal decorative paints, and its heat resistance reaches 200°C.The dye must have sufficient solubility in organic solvents (such as aromatic hydrocarbons, lipids, alcohols) to obtain transparent coloring effects.


Pigment Red 53:1, also known as Pigment Red 53:1 or Lake Red C, is a red fluorescent powder with the characteristic of showing strong golden color. The ink produced has good fluidity, light fastness and Heat resistance is better. 

This pigment is widely used in large-scale industrial production. Its purity can reach 99%. Its molecular formula is C17H13CIN2O4S·1/2Ba, its structural formula is C17H13CIN2O4S·1/2Ba, and its molecular weight is 822.72. 

It is worth noting that this pigment cannot be used in eye makeup and nail polish.

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