Application in water-based ink-Organic pigment-10th, October,2023

Application in water-based ink-Organic pigment-10th, October,2023


Application of organic pigment in water-based ink.

Application in water-based ink-Organic pigment-10th, October,2023

                  Application in water-based ink-Organic pigment

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Organic pigments are widely used in water-based ink.Today we will introduce to you the application of organic pigment in water-based ink.

The steps for applying organic pigment to water-based ink are as follows:

1. Mix organic pigment and selected water-based ink.

2. Add appropriate amount of water-based binder and water, and stir evenly.

3. Add appropriate amounts of additives as needed, such as leveling agents, preservatives, etc.

4. Continue stirring evenly until the pigment is completely dissolved in the ink.

5. Detect the hue, viscosity, PH value and other indicators of the ink to ensure that the ink meets the requirements.

6. Put the ink into a sealed container, label it, and indicate the model, name, production date and other information.

7. Before use, the ink should be fully stirred evenly to avoid affecting the printing quality.

It should be noted that different types of organic pigment and application purposes are different, and the selected water-based ink formulas will also be different. During operation, selection and operation should be based on specific requirements and actual conditions.

The application areas of organic pigments in water-based inks are as follows:

1. Printing and publishing: Water-based ink can be used in various printing and publishing equipment, such as gravure printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, etc. Organic pigment can provide bright and stable color effects, improving printing quality and efficiency.

2. Coating and decoration: Water-based ink can be used to coat and decorate various materials, such as paper, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc. Organic pigment can provide high-purity, high-definition color effects, making coating and decoration more beautiful and personalized.

3. Card making and greeting cards: Water-based ink can be used to make various cards, such as postcards, greeting cards, etc. Organic pigment can provide a variety of vibrant color effects, making cards more vivid and personalized.

4. Home and daily necessities: Water-based ink can be used for decoration and coating of home and daily necessities. Organic pigment can provide a variety of beautiful and environmentally friendly color effects, making homes and daily necessities more beautiful and personalized.

5. Industrial and protective: Water-based ink can be used in industrial and protective fields, such as paints, coatings, lubricants, etc. Organic pigment can provide various industrial color effects, enhance protective effects, and improve product quality.

The advantages of organic pigment used in water-based ink are as follows:

1. Expanded application scope: Since water-based ink does not contain resin binders and fillers, it can be applied to various types of water-based coatings, such as water-based ink, printing pastes, and water-based latex coatings.

2. Less environmental pollution: Since the organic pigment filter cake is in a semi-wet state, it avoids flying dust during application, improves the working environment, and protects the health of operators.

3. Improve product quality stability: Compared with organic pigment dry powder, water-based coatings made from organic pigment filter cakes generally have higher tinting strength and gloss, the color is more vivid and brighter, and they have higher ease of use. Dispersion stability.

4. Lower viscosity: Using organic pigment filter cake can prepare low-viscosity water-based ink, the viscosity value is equivalent to the viscosity value of ink using 25% weight of dry powder pigment.

5. Simplify the manufacturing process: The organic pigment filter cake has good dispersibility. It only needs high-speed dispersion to meet the fineness requirements, simplifying the manufacturing process and improving production efficiency.

6. Improve weather resistance and light resistance: Organic pigment has better weather resistance and light resistance in water-based inks, can be used outdoors, and is not easy to fade or change color.

7. Enhance adhesion and hiding power: Organic pigment in water-based ink can enhance the adhesion and hiding power of the coating, making the ink clearer and more vivid when printing.

8. Improve printability: Organic pigment in water-based ink can improve printability, make the printing process smoother, and improve printing quality and efficiency.

In summary, organic pigment used in water-based inks can provide more vivid and stable color effects, have good weather resistance and light resistance, good solubility, high transparency, environmental protection and safety.

In addition, organic pigment has the advantages of good stability, environmental protection, safety, and lower cost in water-based ink, and considered an excellent coating and ink pigment.

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