PLASTIMAGEN-Plastic & Rubber Exhibition

PLASTIMAGEN-Plastic & Rubber Exhibition


Introduction about Plastic and Rubber Exhibition-PLASTIMAGEN.

PLASTIMAGEN-Plastic & Rubber Exhibition

                                                   Plastic and Rubber Exhibition-PLASTIMAGEN

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Fineland Chem always maintains an attitude of continuous learning, pays attention to more industry situations and development while broadening our knowledge. 

On November 7th, we will participate in the plastic and rubber exhibition-PLASTIMAGEN  in Mexico. Next we will introduce more details to you about this exhibition.

Exhibition introduction:

Exhibition time: November 7th to November 10th, 2023.

Exhibition location: Mexico City International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Sponsor: E.J. KRAUSE & ASSOCIATES, INC., American Krause Company (EJK).

Held period: once a year.

Exhibition area: 30,000 square meters.

Exhibition visitors: 60,000 people.

The number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 785.

In North America, which mainly produces plastic packaging, its sales of plastic packaging products have reached about 43 billion US dollars, accounting for 33% of the world's plastic market share, while the average annual growth rate of the Mexican market is close to 10%.

There are currently about 4,400 plastics companies in Mexico (84% of which are small or micro companies), which can process 5 million tons of plastic products every year. It is expected to grow by 9-10% annually in the next few years. About 43% of its plastic products are used to make bottles or packaging, while other products are widely used in packaging, construction, furniture, toys and agriculture.

Range of exhibition:

1. Machinery and equipment for the plastics industry and rubber industry: molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing; rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing instruments; pre-processing machinery and equipment, secondary processing equipment, recycling equipment, extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines Film machines, plastic calenders, hollow blow molding machines, plastic molding machines, plastic granulators, plastic machine auxiliary machines, other plastic machinery, feeding regeneration crushers, film drawing machines, foaming equipment, molding machine parts, welding technology Equipment, auxiliary equipment, workshop equipment and instruments.

2. Packaging machinery and materials: vacuum packaging machines, carton gluing machines, bag making machines, filling, filling, sealing, carton sealing, labeling machinery, strapping machines, packaging machine winding equipment, inkjet printers, coding machines, etc.; corrugated honeycomb Cardboard equipment, carton machinery, packaging materials.

3. Material categories: chemical raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials for rubber and plastic processing; pigments, colorants, plastic additives and auxiliaries, plastic synthetic materials, acrylic resin, fluoropolymers, thermosetting plastics, improvers, aluminum foil materials, Medical materials and fishing gear materials, etc.; FRP raw materials, FRP related equipment and devices (molding devices, recycling, molded parts, etc.).

4. Finished and semi-finished products of plastics and rubber: various plastic products, plastic films and rubber and plastic products; semi-finished products such as sheets, sticks, rods, foam plastics etc, used in aerospace, health care, communications, business equipment, furniture, etc.

5. Supplier service organizations and industry organizations for plastics and rubber: process design, manufacturing services, quality assurance, product development, trade organizations and organizations, business services and media.

The exhibition will provides exhibitors and visitors with an opportunity to learn and communicate. We are looking forward to this exhibition!

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