Yellow 14,83-Organic Pigment-24th, October, 2023

Yellow 14,83-Organic Pigment-24th, October, 2023


The introduction of organic pigment yellow 14,83.

Yellow 14,83-Organic Pigment-24th, October, 2023

                                                                 Yellow 14,83-Organic Pigment

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Today I will introduce organic pigment yellow 14,83 to you,as follows:

PY 14:

Organic Pigment Yellow 14 is a common yellow organic pigment with a tinting power of up to 99% and an active ingredient content of 95%. It has a red yellow phase and a green yellow phase.

The characteristics of Organic Pigment Yellow 14 include:

1. Green light yellow, bright color.

2. High tinting power and small particle size.

3. Good weather resistance.

4. Excellent heat resistance, light resistance and migration resistance.

5. Better resistance to solvents and paraffin.

6. Rarely used for paint coloring.

7. In soft PVC, blooming will occur when the concentration exceeds a certain concentration.

8. Can be used in plastics and inks such as polyamide, polyurethane, and chlorinated polypropylene.

The application of organic pigment yellow 14

Widely used in the coloring of thermoplastic resins such as PP, PE, EVA, and PA. It is also suitable for rubber, paint, ink, road marking paint and other fields.

PY 83:

Organic Pigment Yellow 83, also known as Permanent Yellow HR, is a red light yellow pigment.

The characteristics of Organic Pigment Yellow 83 include:

1. Heat resistance: stable at 200℃.

2. Light resistance: excellent light resistance.

3. Solvent resistance: stable to various solvents.

4. Acid resistance and alkali resistance: It can remain stable in both acidic and alkaline environments.

5. Covering power: Has high covering power.

6. Brightness: Bright color.

The application of organic pigment yellow 14

1. Plastic coloring: PY 83 is widely used in plastic products, such as the coloring of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other plastic products. It has the advantages of high tinting strength, good migration resistance, and good heat resistance and stability, and can improve the quality and performance of plastic products.

2. Ink manufacturing: PY 83 can be used to manufacture various printing inks, such as solvent-based printing ink, offset printing ink, plastic screen printing ink, etc. It has high tinting power, excellent dispersion and hiding power, which can improve the printing effect and quality of ink.

3. Paint coloring: PY 83 can also be used for paint coloring, such as architectural coatings, automotive coatings, etc. It has excellent weather resistance, light resistance and heat resistance, providing long-term color stability and protection.

4. Other fields: In addition to the above application fields, py 83 can also be used for coloring rubber, viscose fiber, paper, glass and other products.

In short, organic pigment yellow 83 is a pigment with excellent performance and wide application, providing bright, stable color effects and excellent performance for various products.

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