CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition

CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition


Introduction about coatings exhibition-Shanghai.

CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition

                                                 CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition

Good day

Fineland chem has always maintained an attitude of learning and development, broadening knowledge through various opportunities.

On November 15th, we are going to an coating exhibition in Shanghai. Our booth is E8A25, everyone is welcome to visit.

Next we will introduce more details to you about this exhibition.

Exhibition introduction:

Exhibition time: 2023-11-15 ~ 11-17 

Opening hours: 09:00:00-18:00:00

Hosting address: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China

Exhibition industry: Coating

Sponsor: CHINACOAT Organizing Committee

Held period: once a year

Exhibition area: 78517.00㎡

Number of exhibitors: 1,434

Number of viewers: 36,726

China International Coatings Exhibition (CHINACOAT) is a world-class coatings exhibition. Serving the industry since 1996, and currently held alternately in Shanghai and Guangzhou every year, the exhibition has been committed to providing an international display and trade platform for suppliers and manufacturers in the coatings industry. 

Reach global audiences face-to-face, especially from China and Asia. It will bring to the audience a full range of raw materials, technology and production, packaging equipment and devices for the production of coatings and inks.

CHINACOAT is divided into five thematic exhibition areas, including powder coatings; UV/EB curing technology and products; international equipment, instruments and services; Chinese equipment, instruments and services; and Chinese international raw materials. 

It will continue to provide an exchange and trade platform for the coatings industry and related manufacturing fields, and strive to promote the development of the industry. It is an industry exhibition that industry insiders must visit. 

Range of exhibition:

1. Various raw materials for the production of coatings, inks and adhesives; oils and fatty acids; natural/synthetic resins and intermediates; pigments, fillers, fillers and dyes; solvents and plasticizers; driers; functional additives; Functional materials; functional and smart coatings and inks; nanotechnology, thickeners, surfactants, emulsifiers, cross-linking agents, defoaming agents/foam suppressors, anti-skinning agents, leveling agents, bactericides, driers Agents, stabilizers, waxes, etc.

2. Production/packaging equipment and devices, large-scale production equipment and devices, mixers/mixers and high-speed dispersers, loading and unloading and packaging, material dispensing, charging and mixing/coloring systems, automation and internal management, filters, pumps, metering Instruments/weighing devices, grinders, mixers/blenders and accessories, color dispersing machines, packaging and labeling machines, measurement and testing for quality inspection and R&D.

3. Color and other visual characteristics, innovations in measurement and testing, dry film and mechanical properties (including durability).

4. Paint characteristics (viscosity, rheology, wettability, etc.).

5. Powder coatings, resins and pigments for end applications, extruders/extruders/kneaders and other production equipment.

6. Metallic effect powder coatings; UV/EB curing technology and products; reactive diluents (monomers), oligomers, photoinitiators, pigments, additives, etc.

7. UV coatings, UV inks, UV adhesives, printing plates, photoresists, UV inks for printed circuits, dry films, photoimaging inks, photocasting, surface photografting, etc.; UV light sources, electron beam equipment, Light curing equipment, coating equipment, material performance testing instruments (for coatings, inks, adhesives), UV dosimeters, etc.; safety, health, environment and other services.

The exhibition will provides exhibitors and visitors with an opportunity to learn and communicate. We are looking forward to this exhibition!

We are specialize in the production of pigment with more than 15 years of experience,especially organic pigment. 

If you need any pigment, please feel free to contact us - Fineland Chem.  Thanks!

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