Orange 13, 36-Organic Pigment-30th, October, 2023

Orange 13, 36-Organic Pigment-30th, October, 2023


The introduction of organic pigment orange 13, 36.

Orange 13, 36-Organic Pigment-30th, October, 2023

                                                                      Orange 13, 36-Organic Pigment

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Today I will introduce organic pigment orange 13, 36 to you,as follows:

PO 13:

Product link:/pid18387280/Orange-Pigment-Orange-13-Permanent-Orange-For-plastic-paint-and-ink.htm

Organic pigment orange 13, also known as Permanent Orange G, is an azo organic pigment.

The characteristics of organic pigment orange 13 include:

1. Bright color, strong tinting power and full color.

2. It has good heat resistance and stability, and can maintain stable color and tinting strength during plastic processing.

3. It has high light and weather resistance and is not easy to fade.

4. Insoluble in water and will not cause color bleeding in colored plastics.

5. The toxicity meets the requirements and is harmless to the human body.

6. It has sufficient solubility in organic solvents to obtain transparent coloring effects.

7.  At the same time, it is also resistant to detergents and has good water resistance. 

The application of organic pigment orange 13 include:

1. In terms of plastic PO 13 can be used for coloring PVC plastic. However, due to its migration properties, it is not recommended for use on PVC plastics. 

2. In terms of rubber, PO 13 can be used for coloring natural rubber because it is resistant to vulcanization and migration.

3. It is also used for the coloring of water-based inks and coatings, offset inks, nitrocellulose inks, plastics, and powder coatings.

4. In addition, PO 13 is also used for coloring swimming products, sponges, viscose fiber pulp, as well as packaging printing ink and metal decorative paint coloring. Its heat resistance is up to 200℃, so it can remain stable in some high temperature environments.

In general, organic pigment orange 13 is widely used in many fields and has excellent light resistance, migration resistance and other properties.

PO 36:

Product link:/pid18378142/Orange-Pigment-Orange-36-BENZIMIDAZALONE-ORANGE-HL-For-Plastic-Paint-and-Ink.htm

Organic pigment orange 36, also known as Benzimidazolone Orange HL, pigment orange 36 or C.I. pigment orange 36, is a pigment with bright color and strong tinting power.

The characteristics of organic pigment orange 36 include:

1. Bright orange.

2. Excellent light and weather fastness.

3. Good rheology.

4. Used in crystalline plastics without deformation.

5. Heat resistance can reach 260℃/5min.

6. No migration.

The application of organic pigment orange 36 include:

1. In automobile paint, PO 36 has good rheology, and increasing the pigment concentration does not affect the gloss.

2. It has excellent solvent resistance and light fastness. In ink coloring, its light fastness can reach level 6-7.

3. In addition, PO 36 can also be used for color matching with pigment red 122, pigment violet 19 and inorganic chromium pigments, and is also well used in solvent coating inks.

In general, organic pigment orange 36 can be used in rubber, paint, ink, powder coating, industrial coating and other fields, and has a wide range of applications.

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