Yellow 139, 191-Organic Pigment-13th, November, 2023

Yellow 139, 191-Organic Pigment-13th, November, 2023


The introduction of organic pigment yellow 139,191.

Yellow 139, 191-Organic Pigment-13th, November, 2023

                                                                 Yellow 139,191-Organic Pigment

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Today I will introduce organic pigment yellow 139,191 to you, as follows:

PY 139:

Product link:/pid18382568/Yellow-Pigment-Yellow-139-Isoindoline-Yellow-139-For-plastic-paint-and-ink.htm

Organic pigment yellow 139 is a red light yellow pigment, also known as isoindolinone yellow pigment, which belongs to the perylene series pigments.

The characteristics of organic pigment yellow 139 include:

1. Bright reddish yellow color with high tinting power and hiding power.

2. Good light fastness and weather resistance, not easy to fade.

3. Good migration resistance, the color will not be affected by changes in environmental factors (such as temperature, humidity).

4. Easy to disperse and compatible with a variety of resins.

The application of organic pigment yellow 139 include:

1. Coloring of high-temperature and high-temperature coatings, inks, plastics and synthetic fibers, especially suitable for coloring polyolefin plastics and dope coloring of polypropylene fibers.

2. Replaces chrome yellow and is used together with inorganic pigments. In high-end paints (car repair paints), its light resistance can reach level 7-8 (1/3SD).

3. Excellent color bleeding resistance in soft PVC.

4. Used for coloring polyvinyl chloride. Among soft polyvinyl chloride, pigment yellow 139 has very good migration resistance.

5. Suitable for polypropylene and unsaturated application fields, including automotive coatings, powder coatings, inks, industrial paints, plastics, rubber and other product colorings.

PY 191:

Product link:/pid18383407/Yellow-Pigment-yellow-191-PV-Fast-Yellow-HGR-For-plastic.htm

Organic pigment yellow 191 is a chemically synthesized red-yellow pigment.

The characteristics of organic pigment yellow 191 include:

1. Excellent heat resistance: In high-density polyethylene (HDPE, 1/3 standard depth), the heat resistance is 300°C without dimensional deformation.

2. High light fastness: It has good light fastness (level 7-8).

3. Excellent migration resistance: Excellent migration resistance in plastic PVC.

4. Resistant to organic solvents: It can withstand temperatures up to 330°C in polycarbonate and is resistant to organic solvents.

5. Low color strength: Compared with other yellow pigments, the tinting strength of organic pigment yellow 191 is relatively low.

The application of organic pigment yellow 191 include:

1. Used for coloring plastics: PY 191 has high light fastness and high heat resistance, so it is often used for coloring plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polyester and other plastic materials.

2. Used for paint coloring: PY 191 can also be used for paint coloring, especially high-temperature paints. It has excellent heat resistance and light resistance, and can maintain color stability and brightness under high temperature and strong light environments.

3. Used for coloring ink: PY 191 can be used for coloring printing ink to improve the color brightness and hiding power of the ink.

4. Used for rubber coloring: PY 191 can be used for coloring rubber products, such as tires, rubber tubes, rubber shoes, etc.

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