Fine Black 1181-Carbon Black-5th, January, 2024

Fine Black 1181-Carbon Black-5th, January, 2024


The introduction of Fine Black 1181

Fine Black 1181-Carbon Black-5th, January, 2024

                                                                                                Fine Black 1181-Carbon Black

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Today I will introduce Fine Black 1181 to you,as follows:

Fine Black 1181:

Fine Black 1181 is a powdered carbon black. It has excellent performance and is widely used in paint field. 

The characteristics of Fine Black 1181 include:

1.FINE BLACK 1181 can maintain color stability and oxidation resistance under different environmental conditions. It can provide long-term protection and aesthetic effect in the use of industrial paint products.

2. Large specific surface area, can provide good coverage, can form a uniform, bright black on the surface of the coating.

3. It has a good absorption capacity of ultraviolet rays, can effectively block the intrusion of ultraviolet rays, and provide better sunscreen and anti-ultraviolet aging effects.

4. It has electrical conductivity

5. It can resist the erosion and corrosion of some chemical substances to provide better protection effect.

6. The addition of carbon black can improve the rheological properties of paint, adjust the viscosity, fluidity and coating performance of paint, making industrial paint products easier to construct and coat.

The application of Fine Black 1181 include:

1.FINE BLACK 1181 has a black or dark color, so it is widely used in products requiring black coating, such as auto parts, electrical housings, furniture, etc.

2. It has good weather resistance, can resist ultraviolet radiation and oxidation, reduce the aging speed of the coating, and extend the service life of the product. Therefore, in the outdoor environment need to weather resistant products, such as anti-corrosion coatings, architectural coatings, etc.

3. It has excellent electrical conductivity, which can improve the electrical conductivity of the coating, so it can be used in electronic products, batteries and other products requiring electrical conductivity.

Fine Black 1181:

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It is a powder carbon black product that can provide good color brightness, coverability and durability, and meet the requirements of environmental protection

All in all, Fine Black 1181 has excellent properties and a wide range of applications. It is a high-performance Carbon Black.

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